A World-Renowned Family Company Since its founding some 98 years ago, ARCA Regler has earned global recognition with its innovative technology and proven quality. The pneumatically and electrically-activated control valves we manufacture are sought-after products for use in industry. They have many applications – from power station construction to chemical plants, from pharmaceutical and foodstuff production to steelworks.
Over the last few decades, ARCA Regler GmbH has developed into an international group of companies called the ARCA Flow Group. Today, this group includes not only Arca, but also Artes, Feluwa, von Rohr, and Weka. The joint ventures in India and South Korea and local sales offices Guangzhou ARCA Valve in the People’s Republic of China and ARCA Valvulas in Mexico also belong to the group.
To operate successfully worldwide, a company must be able to act locally so that it can provide its customers with optimal service. We are working to achieve this, with our own local offices and partners on the ground and a global sales network. The group exploits synergies to benefit the customer.
Direct communication channels make collaboration easier and save time. You too can benefit from our vast knowledge of valve technology, pumps, and cryogenics. Put us to the test!


Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers: efficient pump solutions for all purposes. No matter for which purpose an efficient and energy saving pump solution is required, Grundfos offers a high-quality solution.
Grundfos supplies complete pumping systems and solutions for buildings, industry and every aspect of water use.
Industry Grundfos pumps can be found in industrial applications around the world, for example in every imaginable application in the water cycle, heavy industrial processes and the precision and hygiene required in the food and beverage industry.
Water Whatever your water needs, we deliver optimised water solutions for water utility applications, water treatment solutions for each stage of the entire water treatment cycle, and water supply solutions for the developing world.
Buildings From family homes to commercial buildings and at all levels of the district energy network, Grundfos supplies a complete solution and also develops highly efficient and sustainable HVAC systems in close cooperation with OEM customers.
Efficient, sustainable products


ABB has been manufacturing motors for over 100 years. Their products are designed to be reliable, efficient and cost effective, and they supply motors for practically any application.
ABB’s Process performance motor is engineered to meet the most demanding applications found in industries including pulp and paper, water treatment, food and beverage, metals and building materials. Such is the high design specification of the motor, when used in conjunction with applications in these industries; ABB is able to provide a 3-year warranty. Built to the highest manufacturing standards, the process performance motors use the best materials sourced from around the world. This brings a quality and reliability that can see motors operating for over 30 years, while meeting the energy efficient classification.


Lowara manufactures high quality, cost effective and reliable pumping systems. They are made in AISI 304 AND 316 stainless steel and can be used in pumping a variety of liquids from water to chemical solutions.
The Ecocirc models are high efficiency single wet rotor circulators with fixed or variable speed and threaded connections. They are based on a shaftless spherical motor design that utilises ECM (electronically commutated motor) technology and permanent magnets. It is a highly efficient pump with a low noise level and low price. It has a capacity of 3.32 cubic metres of liquid per hour, a head of up to six metres and single and three phase 50 Hz power supply. Its maximum operating pressure is 10bar. The allowable pumped liquid temperature can range between -10 to +110 degrees Celsius. The pump's power use ranges between 0.01 to 0.05 kW.


Waaree Energies Ltd. is the flagship company of Waaree Group, founded in 1989 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It has India's largest Solar PV Module manufacturing capacity of 1.5 GW's at its plants in Surat and Umbergaon in Gujarat. Waaree Energies is amongst the top player in India in providing EPC services, project development, rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps and also as an Independent Power Producer. Waaree has its presence in over 280+ locations nationally and 68 countries internationally.

ValSteam Adca

Specialises in the design, development and manufacture of process control and pressure reducing valves, along with general equipment for steam and other fluids. They have one of the most comprehensive product ranges available on the market worldwide. They produce steam traps, pressure reducing valves, control valves, special equipment such as pressure operated pumps and also a large range of pipeline ancillaries.



Liftstar manufacturing has been manufacturing material handling solutions for over 30 years now in China. It is a pioneer in the industry. It has built a reputation for a well priced; quality built material handling equipments globally. These are: Forklifts( including electric forklifts), Pallet Trucks(incl. electric and other variants) and Stackers. They are pieces of material handling equipments to own!